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flourless chocolate cake

DSC_0389 copy

Months back, I was tasked to bring dessert for a dinner gathering. As a close girlfriend of mine had very generously gifted boxes of Valrhona chocolate before leaving for Paris, I knew I had to make something with chocolate.

With chocolate, the possibilities are endless. I remember deciding between a rich double chocolate tart or a flourless chocolate cake. I eventually decided on the latter as I thought it would be easier on the stomach after a heavy meal.

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homemade almond butter

DSC_1125 copy I love almond/nut butter. A tiny bottle at the local grocery will set me back $14. I figured that it would be more cost effective in the long-run to DIY almond butter. Further, I prefer the taste and texture of homemade ones. Thinking of making a chia-almond butter variation when my supply runs out.

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