earl grey and milk chocolate macarons


I’ve been baking a lot of macarons recently. Till date, it’s one of my favourite things to bake! The most recent flavour being Earl Grey & 40% Jivara Milk Chocolate. I made a batch for the bake-off two weeks ago (Thanks @catslavery for the invitation!), and I’m glad it was a big hit at the event!

It’s so hard to find packaging for macarons so I decided to DIY them for now. I’m also looking for a new logo that I can print on the packaging of my baked goods! If you would like to design my logo, please drop me an e-mail at vickiimacy@gmail.com 🙂


Earl grey and chocolate is one of my favourite pairings for macarons. Decadent milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey Tea makes a rich, yet light combination because of the tea notes.




Drew something simple to add a personal touch.

7    new5

How to order? Look out for my updates on Instagram! Would be coming up with more flavours too 🙂


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